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Student Guide (PDF)

 Science Fair Guide

Science Fair

Science Fair 2018

WHEN: April 11th-13th

  • April 11th (ALL projects due at school for setup)
  • April 12th (judging for all projects during school hours, Family Night Tour will be in the evening)
  • April 13th (school tour and project take-down)

WHO: All 4th and 5th grade students are required to do a project and a report. All other grade levels (K-3) and departments are encouraged to do classroom projects for presenting. Individual projects for K-3 are optional but also encouraged).

WHAT: Science EXPERIMENTS only! Too many times at previous fairs, students do a model or a demonstration (think, volcano or potato-lemon batteries). Judges will score non-experiments lower than true experiments. Remember: a true science experiment follows the scientific method! If you have questions about the difference between a model/demonstration and a science experiment, please speak to myself or one of the  amazing science fair committee members (Karen Fisk, Alicia Ortiz y Martinez, Andrea Hedrick, Amanda Dominguez, Megan Painter, Diamond Martinez and Elizabeth Heath-West)