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Chaparral Health Office

Parents are asked to let our nurse know of any health problems that would affect their child's learning. Vision and hearing screening are routinely done at the school at selected grade levels, or as needed. Parents will be notified of any need for further attention in these areas.

The State Health Department sets guidelines that that school must follow for the control of communicable diseases. One of these is a requirement that all students have current immunizations on file at school to be able to attend. Please be sure that our records are up-to-date on your student.

If a child is sick or was sick the night before and is not completely well, they cannot perform and learn at their greatest potential.

APS has a medication policy to help control the use of medicines in the schools. Please do not send any prescription medication to school without an authorization form signed by the child's physician and parent. A note from the parent must accompany any over-the-counter medications. No child will be given any kind of medication at school without following APS procedures.

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