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  Cassandra Gutierrez Teacher

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About Instructional Council

Chaparral Instructional Council is a representative group of teachers, administrators, educational assistants, and parent volunteers working collaboratively together to support best practice models of instruction for our students, ways to engage our families, and providing professional development to staff that is authentic and relevant.

ALL are welcome to attend meetings! ANYONE can submit agenda items (send all requests to:

IC Meetings 2019-2020

Month Dates
August 2019 NA
September 2019

7:45am Wednesday, September 18th

October 2019 7:45am Wednesday, October 16th
November 2019

7:45am Wednesday, November 6th

7:45am Wednesday, November 20th

December 2019  
January 2020  
February 2020  
March 2020  
April 2020  
May 2020  

Meeting dates subject to change. All meetings begin at 7:45am in the Library unless otherwise noted.

IC Membership

Parent Representative